What’s Miso-girl

Miso Girl is a team of moms-to-be.
We study and eat miso to be healthy and beautiful, and to convey the greatness of miso.
Currently there are 25 members in various parts of Japan.
When you are young, it’s likely not to have much interest in health, but if you think about becoming a mother in the future, it’s best you start having a healthy diet way before you get pregnant.
The purpose of Miso Girl’s activity is to have a healthy body as a gift to the future children, and we think miso is a great opportunity to review our diet.
We study not only miso but also Japanese food culture, tradition, manner and a wide range of other topics to be healthy, wonderful and refined women.


Birth Story of Miso Girl

I am Tomoko Fujimoto from the Miso Girl committee.
In the fall of 2011, I started a project called “Geschenk”, intended for moms-to-be.
“Geschenk” means “gift” in Germany, and the project’s aim is to convey the idea of a woman having a healthy body as a gift to the future children.
I used to work in the apparel industry, and I’d given more emphasis to fashion than health, but I realized I would be a mother someday, and that I should start taking care of my health from early on in preparation.
The realization inspired me to start the project.
As seeking a way to convey the idea of Geschenk, I had an opportunity to learn more about miso.
I thought it was a waste not to eat such all-round miso, and that miso was going to be a big help in improving our health and changing our views toward health.
I decided to start Miso Girl committee and became the first Miso Girl myself.
We would like to go beyond the notion of food and miso and collaborate with various kinds of industries.


Children are the future.

We are the ones giving birth to them.
This is an important project for the next generation.
As a mom-to-be myself, I’m going to learn and grow in the hope of becoming a wonderful mother someday.
Miso Girl committee representative, Tomoko Fujimoto


What’s miso

Miso is one of the traditional Japanese seasonings, produced by fermenting soybeans, rice, barley, etc. with salt and the fungus called Koji.
There is a wide variety of miso available throughout Japan.
Appearances and tastes vary depending on the ingredients.
Generally, darker brownish ones taste saltier, and lighter whitish ones are sweeter.
It’s been told that miso “keeps doctors away”, because of nutritional benefits, such as its effectiveness in the prevention of high blood pressure,
cancer and stomach ulcer, and the inhibition of cholesterol, helping digestion and intestinal regulation, anti aging, beauty effect, brain activation, and so on.Miso has been gaining world-wide interest in recent years, very popular among health-conscious people and celebrities.
It’s most commonly used in miso soup (miso-shiru), but can be used in many other types of dishes like curry, stew, gratin, stir fries, etc.
It goes great with dairy, such as cheese and butter.
It’s also used for dressings, sauces and spreads, pickling vegetables and meats.
If you make sweets and desserts like ice creams and cookies with a hint of sweeter miso as a secret ingredient, it’ll make them much more tasty.



We have participated in many events, distributing samples of miso, marketing miso, performing short plays concerning miso.
We have hold miso seminars, and appeared on TV, radio, magazines, etc.



Please contact us at info@miso-girl.com if you have business proposals, ideas for collaborations
with us, or for inquiries.


Company Information

Misodo, Inc
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(TEL) 045-444-4183  (FAX) 045-444-4031
(E-mail) info@misopress.com